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About Us

OVER-N-UP™ was invented by a veteran rider who, late one night, forgot to put the side stand down on his 800 lb. touring bike. Yep, you guessed it, his bike fell over and  became one of the “have gone downs”. Unable to pick-up his bike at 2:00 AM, he called for help (ouch).  The helpers were not real happy, but the problem was solved.

A few days later a horrible thought occurred: what if help wasn’t available?  Yep, you guessed it, he would just be out of luck.  Not wanting to be stranded, or jeopardize his already bad back, he thought there must be some type of jack that could be used to pick-up the bike, should this ever happen again.

The first few attempts to jack up the bike were total failures.  After those experiences it was thought that trying to safely right a bike with a jack would not be possible.  Not to be discouraged, however, and after much more thought and trial and error a new jack system was invented.  Not only would the jack right the bike, it was discovered that the jack would also be useful as a lean stand, thereby allowing a rider easier  access to the underside for cleanups or service.  Now any touring rider can carry OVER-N-UP ™ for lean angle service, anywhere, anytime, with confidence.

OVER-N-UP ™  is manufactured according to patent specifications and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.  MADE IN U.S.A.

Be prepared.  Enjoy real peace of mind.  Order yours today.  Satisfaction is guaranteed!